The ministry teams here at Bethlehem are the heart of our church! As Bethlehem seeks to be a Christian community that glorifies God, our teams give life to that purpose. We believe that everyone has gifts they can use in the church. Find out more about our ministry teams below to see which area you might see yourself being involved in. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page and 404 Not Found

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we'll get you plugged in with that team leader!

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Ministry Teams


Worship Team

The Worship Team is responsible for the music time on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.

This team includes: vocalists, instrumentalists, sound techs, and power point presenters.

Midweek kids

Christian Education Team

The CE Team is responsible for teaching classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.

This team includes teachers for: birth-preK, K-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, Junior High boys & girls, High School, and Adults.

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Stewards Team

The Stewards Team is responsible for organization, decorating, & events.

This team includes: organizing the kitchen & greater church, communion, decorating, and helping with weddings, funerals, and special events.


Missions Team

The Missions Team is responsible for our involvement in local and world missions.

This team helps people in our congregation get involved in Short-term Missions trips, and works with our involvement in the community and with missionaries around the world.


Building & Grounds Team

The Building & Grounds Team is responsible for both exterior and mechanical maintenance.

This team makes sure our grounds are mowed & shoveled, and keeps our furnaces, a/c, plumbing, and lights working properly.


Safety Team

The Safety Team is responsible for the safety of the building and the people that come here.

This team works to ensure that everyone who comes here feels safe.


Care Team

The Care Team is responsible for providing assistance to those in our church family and in the community with needs.

This team provides freezer meals &/or gift cards for the families of those dealing with health issues or loss, assists families in time of need, and gives 20% of their monthly donations to the local Salvation Army.


Finance Team

The Finance Team is responsible for our church's financial matters.

This team includes the weekly ushers & tellers, the treasurer who keeps our monthly financials, and the group that meets to set our yearly budget.

If you would like to join one of these teams, send us a quick email and we'll get you plugged in with that team's leader.

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